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2000 Sydney Paralympics

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Questions and Answers with Malcolm Pringle on his second Paralympics in Sydney which he believes was his best.

Tell me about the Paralympics in Sydney in 2000?
There were about 100 000 people at the opening ceremony and the noise level was so intense it was like being in an earthquake. I had great expectations as I knew what the Paralympics was about and how big the event was.

Tell us about your setback before you left for Sydney?
I picked up food poisoning a week before I left and ended up in hospital on a drip. Luckily I recovered quickly and 2 weeks later won a gold medal in the 800m and broke the world record. I also won a bronze medal in the 400m.

How was your training leading up to this event?
Training was very intense. I had to run for about 2 hours a day and was also doing gym sessions three times a week. I had a dietician at the Sports Science Institute who helped me greatly.

Tell me about the tunnel underneath the stadium you mentioned?
It was something that I had never seen before. About a 50m circular tunnel underneath the stadium, where just before you were about to compete you could warm up for the event.

Tell us about the dining hall?
This was incredible. It was the size of a rugby field. It had foods from all parts of the world.