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2004 Athens Paralympics

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Questions and answers with Malcolm Pringle on his third Paralympics.

Tell us about the Paralympics in Athens in 2004?
It was a very emotional Paralympics, as my best friend died in 2002 and so I dedicated my 800m race to him. I broke the world record again with a time of (1:58.87). This was the first time I broke the 2 minute mark at a major competition. It was a very well organised event. I called my parents back in South Africa after I won the gold medal and my mom was crying with happiness.

How was it being back in South Africa?
It was very intense and I had about 14 different interviews in a week but I was on such a high. I also had to speak at Wynberg Boys’ High School about my Paralympic experience which was amazing.

Any advice you would like to give to future Paralympians?
Follow your dreams and you have to be hungry to win.

Here’s to Brazil 2016!