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Urban Beekeeping

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It is counter intuitive to think that honey from hives in our cities is often cleaner than from hives situated around agricultural lands, but this is often the case as urban honey does not contain pesticides. We spent a morning with a passionate urban bee keeping couple, who shared their experiences with us, and inspired us to get involved in urban bee keeping.

Tip/Trick – When filming with wild animals, such as bees in this case, it is important to keep calm – move slowly, talk quietly. Also, you don’t often get an opportunity for a second take, so keep the camera rolling continuously so that you don’t miss a critical moment. You can edit the best shots in post. Also, as lens changing is difficult, opt for the most practical lens – in this case we chose to go with the 35mm. Camera Used: Nikon D800 DSLR Lenses:, Nikkor 35mm, Nikkor 50mm, Nikkor 105mm macro Memory Card: Lexar Professional