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Comrades 2013 - amazing camaraderie

A group of Comrades runners photographed at the Club’s social function held afte

Conditions at the 2013 Comrades were not great. It was hot from the start, and to make matters worse the wind picked up over the course of the morning and blew very strong over the second half of the race. All in all, everything but ideal weather conditions for an ultra marathon.

A total of 90 of the club’s runners started the 86,96km race at the Durban City Hall (98 members entered). Willem Swanepoel and Aldrin Smit were the two top male runners and both qualified for Silver Medals. The club’s top female runner was Heidi Viljoen.

One of the most memorable Comrades 2013 moments was undoubtedly the camaraderie displayed by the club’s runners as they supported their club mates and fellow runners over the grueling race. In typical club style, runners’ captain Colin Wall and Miné Swart came to the rescue of Susan Steyn and carried her over the last few hundred meters to the finish line. Says Susan: “I don’t have the words to express how it felt to be picked up by two pairs of strong arms and be able to finish the race!”

Another heartwarming story was told by Surita Botha (not a club member). “I want to thank the bunch of runners who pulled me away from the bail bus on Polly’s, and an even greater thanks to Yusuf Abrahams from New Balance Multisport Club who pulled me up when I was sitting in the dust crying, and then walked / limped with me to the finish.”

The Comrades is the world’s largest ultra marathon and arguable the greatest in the world. A total of 14 336 out of 19 907 entrants started the race. Only 10 188 finished. Around 7 000 runners poured over the finish line in the last 90 minutes.

South African runner Claude Moshiywa (05:32:09) broke the foreign stranglehold on the Comrades Marathon "up" run and Russian Elena Nurgalieva (06:27:09) extended her dominance with her eighth victory in the women’s event.

Congratulations to every runner who tackled the 2013 Comrades Marathon!