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Cycling Newsletter - June 2013

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We had some awesome cycling weather during the month of May. We only had to cancel one ride or shall I say move one ride, due to bad weather. During the month of June my aim is to appoint some vice captains that can help out with weekend pack rides. If you feel you will be up to the task, please send me a mail.

If you know of any existing NBMC pack rides other than the once we advertise, please let me know so that we can post these to Facebook and our website as well. I would like to give our members multiple options, so if you know of any rides, please let me know.

When Mother Nature is not playing along I will post on Facebook and the Cycling Notice board on our website that the ride is cancelled. This is only if it is going to storm, based on

This weekend Mother Nature has declared a rest weekend. She is going to open the heavens and shower down on us. All planned rides for the 1st and 2nd June are cancelled due to bad weather. Sit in front of the television on Sunday and support our fellow NBMC members running the Comrades Marathon.

The program for the month of June 2013:

Our “Cycling Race of the month” will be the Pick a Pay Knysna Cycle Tour. With the MTB race on the Saturday and the Road race on the Sunday we will see some serious cycling on the weekend. So, book your trip to Knysna for the weekend of the 29th & 30th of June. For the MTB race there is a 15km, 30km, 50km and a80km to choose from. For the road race you have the option of 50km or 100km. I will try and pitch our club gazebo at the finish if the weather allow me to and also if the race organisers allow me. So if you see the gazebo, pop in for a Steri-Stumpie or a Castle Light. Just let me know if you are going so that I can take enough for everybody. If you have a NBMC cycling jersey, please dress up for the occasion. If not, let me know your size and I will bring some jerseys along if you would like to buy one. Hope to see you there.

“Weekly Pack Rides”.

We had our first MTB pack ride at Paarl Mountain Reserve and what a great ride it was. We had about 20 riders pitching the first weekend and were enjoyed by all. It ended up to be a non-technical ride, with lots of climbs.

For the month of June we are going to explore the farm roads in and around Durbanville and the Paarl. We will be meeting up at Virgin Active Tygervalley on the Saturday mornings @ 06h50 and head out to the farm roads @ 07h00 via Durbanville to make a pickup stop at Durbanville Mug & Bean (Palm Grove Centre) @ 7h15. For these rides you need a light in front and at the back of your bike as we will be riding on the road in the dark. These routes are very flat with hardly any climbs, thus the distances is going to be a little bit more. We will do the farm road rides on the 8th, 15th and 22nd of June.

With Youth day falling on Sunday 16 June we score an additional holiday on Monday 17 June. On this day I thought it would be a good idea to go and explore Jonkershoek. Jonkershoek now have some new single tracks that you need to experience. I will take the long route up to the Nekkie and down all the way with the single track. The short route will only go half way and then down via the easier single tracks. So keep the 17th of June open for some nice single track riding in Jonkershoek.

The Road pack rides also came along very nicely without much effort from my side. Huge thanks to Vanessa and Achmed for taking control on that side. I have decided to make the Road pack rides every Saturday, so that if the weather is bad, then we can maybe move it to the Sunday. So if you want to join road pack rides meet on a Saturday morning at 06h50 @ VA Tygervalley as the ride will start at 07h00 sharp. Vanessa and Achmed will lead when they are available. If you are able to assist with the road pack rides, please let me know.

Cycling programme for the month of June 2013:

1 June 2013 - Road Pack Ride from VA Tygervalley @ 07h00 - Cancelled

8 June 2013 - Road Pack Ride from VA Tygervalley @ 07h00

8 June 2013 - MTB Pack Ride – Farm Roads – VA Tygervalley @ 07h00

15 June 2013 - Road Pack Ride from VA Tygervalley @ 07h00

15 June 2013 - MTB Pack Ride – Farm Roads – VA Tygervalley @ 07h00

17 June 2013 - MTB Pack Ride – Jonkershoek – Jonkershoek @ 08h00

22 June 2013 - Road Pack Ride from VA Tygervalley @ 07h00

22 June 2013 - MTB Pack Ride – Farm Roads – VA Tygervalley @ 07h00

29 June 2013 - Road Pack Ride from VA Tygervalley @ 07h00

29 June 2013 - Pick a Pay Knysna Cycle Tour – MTB Race

30 June 2013 - Pick a Pay Knysna Cycle Tour – Road Race

Safe cycling!

Cornel Botha

083 458 6686