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My First Triathlon Experience - Marinda Lindeque

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I attempted my first triathlon at Stellenbosch Triathlon, organized by Iqela events, on the 1st of December 2012; and WHAT AN EXPERIENCE! The distances were 400m swim, 10km mountain bike and 2,5 km trail run – absolutely perfect for a first one. Especially if you’re a bit of an off road junkie …

I was super nervous, even though the distances are fairly short, putting it all together (hearing people talking about ‘T1’ and ‘T2’, like you’re exactly supposed to know what the hell that means) is scary and overwhelming …. Luckily I had a seasoned triathloner, my hubby, helping me with packing my bag and making sure I had all the correct gear at each transition area – the transition areas weren’t at the same place, so it was a bit of trekking up and down (I was already tired!) to each one … The vibe was awesome and relaxed, and although the other athletes looked extremely intimidating and ripped, everyone was friendly and helpful – probably recognizing a tri-virgin!

So, on instructions of my ‘coach’ I tested the water before the swim, my first time ever in a wetsuit (thank the lord for wetsuits!!) …. Listened to the briefing and realized I exactly didn’t know where the hell I was going …. LOL! But once we were off in the water, there’s no turning back and you just SWIM – luckily Eugene warned me about feeling a bit overwhelmed and freaked out in the open-water swim the first time, so breast-stroke my old friend came to a handy rescue …. The field wasn’t too big, so there wasn’t too much knocking and fighting in the water, I relaxed and let the wetsuit do its job and made it through the swim with a smile! On the run up to transition (T1) – my only concern was if my butt looked terrible in the wetsuit … priorities - right!! My 3rd time on my mountain bike and first ever race, so riding with my trail running shoes, it took a while to get out of the wetsuit and into my shoes, but off I went and what a GREAT feeling when I hit the dirt road – I felt like a kid!! The mountain bike leg was challenging, but awesome down-hills were an amazing reward! Got to T2 with loads of encouragement from supporters and of course my biggest supporters, my boys, and reckon (personally) I was fastest person out, with only having to take my helmet off and put running cap on … haha! Legs, a bit wobbly after cycle, but I soon felt strong and finished the 2,5 km run relatively easily; finishing my first ever tri in a time of 1:30:0-5, 4th woman over-all, 3rd in my age group!!

Do yourself a favour, borrow a bike, swim a couple of laps at the gym and enter this event next year – it’s awesome for a first one and I’m telling you the ‘gogga’ has bitten – I’m hooked!!!

Marinda Lindeque

Triathlete... (and ooba proud of it...!!)

PS: Some pro pics, so you can see how absolutely stunning the venue is!