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ZA Playground’s success as a sporting community website helped to identify the similarities in the functionality required by companies for their own tailor made intranets. This is especially true for companies requiring an alternative to email communication. Intranets are not however limited to engagement and communication but can solve a number of other inefficiencies within organisations. ZA Intranet prides itself in simplifying common functions in the day to day operations and putting information in one central location for all employees to interact and help build a more cohesive workforce.



The business has identified through feedback from time on site that a need exists to engage staff, inform them about matters affecting them, allow faster posting of information to electronic noticeboards, communicate effectively through informative inexpensive newsletters, etc. In doing so this will reduce costs, improve satisfaction through increased engagement and improve overall quality of work life for all employees.


Each employee will have their own username and password, their profile will have a number of hidden fields only editable by the administrator for employee number, ID, physical address etc.

All users have access to the main menu which includes browsing for groups of interest, blogs, calendar, events and Help or FAQ’s for guidance.

All groups are categorised e.g. Teams / Medical Aid / Wellness / Corporate etc. Access to the groups will be controlled by the administrator of the group, with some groups allowing immediate access and others being invite only. For example a wellness group like a gym in the building to inform the agent of special offers would be immediate access but a Compliance or Facilities group would be invite only and strictly controlled.

The layout of the group and user notice board is modelled off Facebook, which is a familiar layout for most users. However, instead of befriending colleagues, staff would be allocated to groups (IT, Compliance, Facilities, Agent Group etc). Any information posted in these groups would then be shown on the employees own notice board page. Each employee is further allocated a role within a particular group and this dictates the functionality that is available to them to create e.g. an agent could create an IT Ticket for a printing issue but would not see the administration panel with all the other IT tickets raised, this would only be viewed by the employees with the IT role.


Roles and permission govern what content each employee is able to view or work activity to perform on the intranet. The roles apply to each employee within each group.


1) Initial monthly cost: The basic package includes the intranet communication functionality, detailed below under the functionality heading – R15 per employee per month (approximately £0.70 per employee).

2) Custom development and design work will be charged between R500 and R1,000 per hour. Initial consultation is free and per month costing will be provided for additional required functionality (approximately £22 to £44 per hour).

3) Bi-annual system maintenance R2,000 per annum (approximately £90).

All prices are exclusive of VAT and are subject to annual price increases.


The software is ready to be installed.
Detailed discussions would be required to establish specific company requirements.