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Potberg MTB Club

Mtn Bike club in the Breede River valley

Photo's From the Trails

Photographs from the trails, hopefully provides a glimpse into what one can expect on the trails.

At the top of the Ziekenhuys climb- note the real steel project bike.
Bottom of the Olive loop, heading to the sea...
Bridges can be walked... carefully!
Elandspad to Sandhoogte, in the reserve
Niel Neethling sorting out erosion damage- Kudos to you Niel!
Olive loop, the grind up from the rondawels
On the Potteberg section, Potberg road to Matjieskloof_ note direction board
On the slopes of Potberg, starting down to the river...
Over the Sandhoogte bridge
The bridge onto the Olive farm loop
The trail from Elandspad to Sandhoogte and Infanta
World class scenery